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Welcome! My name is Vanessa. I am South African born, Hong Kong resident of 30 years. I have been an Owner-Operator of a manufacturing business and Founder-Operator of Galerie Vee, an art gallery specialising in Chinese Glass Sculpture. My career then took a wild turn when I recognised my commitment to positively impact peoples’ finances, arising out of my challenging life circumstances at the time. So I retrained for a career in Personal Finance, initially helping mass affluent and then wealthy individuals and families manage, grow and protect their wealth.

Now working for an Award winning Asian Private Bank, over the years I have advised multiple couples, singles, men and women. I am keenly aware that personality and behaviour specifically around decision-making have significantly more to do with our personal wealth journey than most people may realise. Guiding around this is how I love to support clients.

I adopted the personal mantra #VisforVictory when my life hit a low point, in order to rewire my mind to live into a state of victory over my obstacles and envision success into my life. 

As a co-author in the book #myvoice, I shared my story of how this came about. #MyVoice Vol II is published by Global Influencers Publishing House, available on Amazon in October 2021. 

Graduated with a degree in psychology and drama, I qualified as a Certified Private Wealth Professional (CPWP) and am SFC licensed in Hong Kong. Recognising my clients’ characters and personalities requires me to guide my clients in the mindset and behavioral aspects of wealth management, to help steer them to optimal investing decision making. I embrace the power of conscious thinking, which some describe as activating the Law of Attraction and envision a world where abundance and upliftment is available for all, through understanding and adapting our  unconscious personal attitudes to money (System 1*); improved wealth management education as well as behavioural awareness and empowerment via understanding and adapting our personal psychology which impacts our wealth. (System 2*) #TheUnconventionalAdvisor

I am a mom of two daughters, practise Ashtanga yoga, love dance, art, roller skating and all things movement and am a mentor for The Women’s Foundation Hong Kong. #TWF 

*System 1 and 2 are fictitious systems described allegorically by the renowned Princeton University psychologist Daniel Kahneman, PhD, in his acclaimed book Thinking Fast and Slow.

In 2002, Daniel Kahneman, PhD, was awarded the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences for his groundbreaking work in applying psychological insights to economic theory, in the areas of judgment and decision-making under uncertainty. 

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Why I participated in the book #MYVOICE Vol 2

Why I adopted the personal mantra #VisforVictory when my life was at its lowest point, in order to rewire my mind to live into a state of victory and envision myself into a success mindset.



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Develop unconscious competence in vital financial skills


Achieve self-awareness in your personal finances as a critical key to achieve an uplift in your finances

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